Amatullah AAI Cricket Cup

MOhd  miyaji - indians

     Best bowler


Best Wicket Keeper

 Banswara Battlers.

      Ali V

   Best Bowler 

 Kuwait Warriors..

     Best batsman

16th AAI Awards

Sagwara premier league - 2016 


    Best Batsman 

Banswara Battlers.

shabbir bhai nabi - Royals



Looking for a local cricket club? We love this game and would love to have you come and join us.


Established in 1997, Amatullah Cricket Cup is a complete cricket club for adults and youths. Whether you are a beginning or experienced player, we have a place for you and we're here to help you succeed.


For over twenty years, we've offered quality training to young boys. Our objective is to introduce children to the game of cricket and provide avenues to accelerate the development of talented young cricketers.

     Ali merji

Player of Tournament 

 Banswara Battlers.

It's time to take a few minutes to prepare for next season by signing up with Amatullah Cricket Cup. Encourage your players to sign up early. We can always use some volunteers to help register new and current teams, as well.